BootcampS and intensive programs

Leadership Bootcamp

Aimed at top executives  looking to upscale their leadership skills & qualities. Recycling oneself, gaining an edge or when stepping up into a top Management position.

One on one – three month program

The LEADERSHIP Bootcamp combines Training, Mentoring and Coaching

  • Initial interview
  • Face to face sessions (only available in Madrid) or online sessions available for all applicants
  • 3 month individual program
  • A total of 70 hours: 36 hours – 3 hours per week with        trainer/coach and 34 hours of guided field work, exercises, recommended reading
  • 5 Profiling tests to determine current leadership status and areas of improvement
  • Program designed based on your specific needs
  • 3 Executive Coaching sessions included
  • Case studies, role plays, theory, practice, applied field practice
  • Learn by doing approach


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 MINDSET Bootcamp & Coaching

Aimed at C- Suite members, Top level executives, Entrepreneurs & Sales team members

One on one – three month program

The MINDSET  Bootcamp combines training, coaching and mentoring . It is perfect to regain your focus, alignment, your natural zest and your inner strength in face of change. 

Sessions take a holistic perspective; working on psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.Working on you mindset has an impact on your results and on your well-being.

Every single Bootcamp is unique as they are 100% tailor-made to your specific situation and aspirations.

My clients undergo a Mindset Bootcamp process when they seek to :

  • “Reboot” and see things from a totally different, more positive and fresh perspective
  • Adapt more quickly to Organizational transformations and become the spearhead of the process
  • Rekindle the joy for learning and passion for their organizations, profession and teams
  • Regain their focus, energy & determination
  • Be grounded on integrity, coherence and alignment to take tough decisions or face highly challenging situations.
  • Connect with their inner strength and feel envigorated, radiant and light. 
  • Have further clarity on what to do, how to do it and have the necessary energy to see things through.
  • Feel more at ease bringing up important conversations (new ideas, what is working, what is not working)
  • Feel more comfortable providing feedback and addressing the elephant in the room 
  • Feel confident in times of uncertainty or change.
  • Work from “flow” rather than “push”

The program 

  • Initial in depth interview
  • A total of 30 hours of personal contact, coaching, mentoring and training and  20 hours of guided field work, activities, readings and practice
  • Daily contact with your MINDSET coach – Georgina Barquin
  • Weekly 60 min session with your coach
  • Role plays, solution focused brainstorming, guided readings and activities, videos on your specific areas of interest, shadow coaching with feedback, applied field practice
  • Tools you can use on your own so you do not have to rely on the support of a coach, trainer or specialist in the long run


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Navigating complex environments

Online Training/Coaching aimed at Top Executives and Leaders
 Online  sessions to:

Work on real cases through coaching, practical relationship management techniques, developing strategies and, role playing. 

Topics that often arise include

  • Understanding & managing red flags
  • Perception and how it works
  • Non aggressive communication techniques
  • Working from neutrality and creating a connection with even the most challenging  people
  • Adapting  communication style to each situation or stakeholder

75 min INDIVIDUAL sessions


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