Cultural Intelligence Consulting


Cultural Intelligence Consulting

Georgina Barquin will help your C Suite envision and design the culture that will help your company expand its “stretching point”.

 – How to maintain a strong  focus on results and healthy and solid  relationships with all stakeholders.

 – What adjustments to make in different markets to guarantee communication flows and you reach your fullest potential in every market

– Common issues arising from mergers & acquisitions

– Diversity, Inclusiveness and Intecultural Management  to its fullest potential.

inteligencia cultuaral georgina barquin

Examples of common entropy in organizations

As a Manager in my company...
What do I see?

Examples of what I may be observing

As a Manager in my company....
What do I want to see?

Examples of what I would like to see instead:


The process

Three stage process:

  • Awareness
  • Implementation
  • Integration and flow
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