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BOOTCAMPS for Senior Executives

Elevate Your Leadership Potential with Our Premier Training Courses

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, leadership isn’t just a title—it’s a dynamic skillset that can drive success and innovation. We understand the pivotal role effective leadership plays in shaping organizations. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our comprehensive suite of Leadership and Mindset training courses designed to empower your Senior Executives  to excel in today’s competitive environment.

Why Choose Our Leadership and Mindset Training?

We offer individual or group training programs that combine coaching, mentoring and training for SENIOR EXECUTIVES. All of our programs have a “learn by doing” using practical tools.

  • Unleash Transformative Leadership: Our tailored programs go beyond the traditional approach to leadership development. We believe that great leaders are nurtured through a combination of strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and a growth mindset. With our training programs, your leaders will learn how to adapt to change, inspire their teams, nurture a growth mindset and drive innovation across the board.
  • Navigate Change with Confidence: Change is constant, but the ability to lead through change sets exceptional leaders apart. Our courses empower participants to anticipate industry shifts, analyze emerging trends, and proactively shape their organization’s future. Armed with this foresight, your leaders will be well-equipped to steer their teams toward success, even in uncertain times.
  • Cultivate Disruptive Thinking: Innovation thrives when leaders dare to think disruptively. Our programs encourage participants to challenge norms, question assumptions, and explore uncharted territories. By fostering a culture of creative problem-solving, your organization will stand at the forefront of innovation, ready to seize untapped opportunities.
  •  Foster a Growth Mindset Across Your Organization: A growth mindset isn’t just a leadership trait; it’s a cultural cornerstone that breeds resilience and adaptability. Our mindset programs instill the belief that challenges are opportunities, failures are stepping stones, and learning never stops. With this mindset, your entire organization will evolve into a powerhouse of innovation and success.

With a proven track record of transforming leaders and organizations, Georgina Barquin is your partner in cultivating exceptional leadership and a forward-thinking mindset. Our training programs are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique challenges faced by today’s businesses.

Elevate your organization’s potential today with our  Leadership and Mindset training.

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BootcampS and intensive programs

Leadership Bootcamp

Aimed at senior executives  looking to upscale their leadership skills while maintaining excellence, high standards and efficiency in complex environments – gaining an edge.

One on one – 12 week program

The LEADERSHIP Bootcamp combines Training, Mentoring and Coaching 

Topics of interest for senior executives undertaking a Leadership Bootcamp include:

  • Strategic decision making in face of  critical decisions that have far reaching implications
  • Managing complexity and navigating intricate systems while maintaining efficiency and clarity
  • Managing organizational change and ensuring smooth transitions
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and embracing new ideas 
  • Talent development and retention and managing generational expectations
  • Balancing the needs of different stakeholders
  • Managing crisis and uncertainty
  • Managing and staying ahead of market disruptions
  • Upholding ethical standards
  • Work life balance

 The program

  • Initial interview
  • Face to face sessions (only available in Madrid) or online sessions available for all applicants
  • 12 week individual program
  • A total of 50 hours: 24 hours – 2 hours per week with        trainer/coach and 26 hours of guided field work, exercises, recommended reading
  • 5 Profiling tests to determine current leadership status and areas of improvement
  • Program designed based on your specific needs
  • 3 Executive Coaching sessions included
  • Case studies, role plays, theory, practice, applied field practice
  • Learn by doing approach
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 MINDSET Bootcamp & Coaching

Aimed at C- Suite members, Senior executives & Sales team members


One on one – 12 week  program

The MINDSET  Bootcamp combines training, coaching and mentoring . It is perfect to regain your focus, alignment, your natural zest and your inner strength in face of change and complex situations. 

Sessions take a holistic perspective; working on psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Working on you mindset has an impact on your results and on your well-being. As a leader, your endurance, perspective and approach significantly shape the collective outcomes and influence within the organization.

Every single Bootcamp is unique as they are 100% tailor-made to your specific situation and aspirations.

Our clients undergo a Mindset Bootcamp process when they seek to :

  • “Reboot” and see things from a totally different, more positive and fresh perspective
  • Adapt more quickly to Organizational transformations and become the spearhead of the process
  • Rekindle the joy for learning and passion for their organizations, profession and teams
  • Regain their focus, energy & determination
  • Be grounded on integrity, coherence and alignment to take tough decisions or face highly challenging situations.
  • Connect with their inner strength and feel envigorated, radiant and light. 
  • Have further clarity on what to do, how to do it and have the necessary energy to see things through.
  • Feel more at ease bringing up important conversations (new ideas, what is working, what is not working)
  • Feel more comfortable providing feedback and addressing the elephant in the room 
  • Feel confident in times of uncertainty or change.
  • Work from “flow” rather than “push”

 The program 

  • Initial in depth interview
  • A total of 30 hours of personal contact, coaching, mentoring and training and  20 hours of guided field work, micro tasks, activities, readings and practice
  • Ongoing contact with your MINDSET coach – Georgina Barquin
  • Weekly 30 min session with your coach
  • Role plays, solution focused brainstorming, guided readings and activities, videos on your specific areas of interest, shadow coaching with feedback, applied field practice
  • Tools you can use on your own so you do not have to rely on the support of a coach, trainer or specialist in the long run
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Navigating complex environments

Online Training/Coaching aimed at Senior Executives and Leaders
 Online  sessions to:

Work on real cases through coaching, practical relationship management techniques, developing strategies and, role playing. 

Topics that often arise include

  • Understanding & managing red flags
  • Perception and how it works
  • Non aggressive communication techniques
  • Working from neutrality and creating a connection with even the most challenging  people
  • Adapting  communication style to each situation or stakeholder

75 min INDIVIDUAL sessions


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