Open courses

Open Courses


Bootcamps & Coaching sessions FOR individuals

Mindset Bootcamp

One on one – three month program

The MINDSET  Bootcamp combines training, coaching and mentoring . It is a UNIQUE program with proven results – perfect to regain your focus, alignment, your natural zest and your inner strength. 

Sessions take a holistic perspective; working on psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.Working on you mindset has an impact on your results and on your well-being.

Every single Bootcamp is unique as it is 100% tailor-made to your specific situation and aspirations.

My clients undergo a Mindset Bootcamp process when they seek to :

  • “Reboot” and see things from a totally different, more positive and fresh perspective
  • Rekindle the joy for learning and living
  • Regain their focus, energy & determination
  • Discover & overcome limiting beliefs
  • Be grounded on integrity, coherence and alignment to take tough decisions, set boundaries or face highly challenging situations.
  • Step up to new challenges
  • Plan and savor new experiences
  • Connect with their inner strength and feel envigorated, radiant and light. 
  • Have further clarity on what to do, how to do it and have the necessary energy to see things through.
  • Feel more at ease bringing up important conversations ( what you want, what you don’t want, what you think, how you feel)
  • Feel more comfortable with yourself and in a myriad of situations 
  • Feel confident in times of uncertainty or change.
  • Work from “flow” rather than “push”

The program 

  • Initial in depth interview
  • A total of 30 hours of personal contact, coaching, mentoring and training and  35 hours of guided field work, activities, readings and practice
  • Daily contact with your MINDSET coach – Georgina Barquin
  • Weekly 60 min session with your coach
  • Role plays, solution focused brainstorming, guided readings and activities, videos on your specific areas of interest, shadow coaching with feedback, applied field practice
  • Tools you can use on your own so you do not have to rely on the support of a coach, trainer or specialist in the long run


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Personal development Bootcamp

Small groups of up to 5 people OR individual program

3 month program

Aimed at individuals who would like to increase their knowledge of Self. Knowing yourself helps you take better decisions, focus on what really is important to you, set limits and achieve more and in line with what you really want.

The Personal development Bootcamp combines Training, Mentoring and Coaching

  • Initial interview
  • Online sessions that combine theory and practice
  • 3 month individual program
  • A total of 70 hours: 24 hours – 2 hours per week with        trainer/coach and 46 hours of guided field work, exercises, recommended reading
  • 5 Profiling tests to help you discover your strengths and weaknesses
  • Program designed to improve the weak points that are stopping you from growing and strengthening the qualities that make you shine
  • Case studies, role plays, theory, practice, applied field practice
  • Learn by doing approach
  • You will produce a guided piece of work analysing your qualities, potential and proposing a personal improvement plan. 


Group Bootcamp

For small groups: set up your own group of up to 5 people and all group members will receive a 50% discount.


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Boost you professional profile

2 – 60 min individual sessions

2  one on one online  sessions to:

  • Review your CV & Linkedin profile
  • Design your profile as to attract employers who are in line with your values and expectations
  • Tools & techniques to increase your visibility and strengthen your executive brand
  • Role play interviews
Aimed at individuals looking to improve their careers


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