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Coaching & Mentoring
Leadership, Mindset, Diversity & Intercultural Coaching


Executive Coaching

In the internationalization of a company, when working at international and intercultural  levels or during a culture change management process,  it is convenient for some members of the organization to participate in Individual Coaching processes to design their strategies, generate changes within their departments, smooth out some rough edges or simply to make a quantitative leaps in their results. Coaching in English or Spanish.

The coaching process is divided into 6 individual (one hour) online or face to face sessions. (English or Spanish).


Coaching to develop a mindset of Diversity & Interculturalism

Developing strong personal and professional intercultural relationships poses certain challenges that can be easily overcome when understanding cultural motivators and triggers. Oftentimes differences in opinion are nothing more than cultural differences. Did you know that there may be cultural differences between people from the same country who speak the same language? 

Intercultural Coaching is beneficial for:

  • – Mergers & Acquisitions
  • – Expats 
  • – Returning to your home country after a long leave
  • – Hosts welcoming foreign stakeholders
  • – Intercultural negotiations and relations
  • – Communication issues within a team
  • – Country specific understanding

Coaching for Diverity 
Embracing diversity is more than understanding perception and the do’s and dont’s. Flowing in diversity occurs when we understand our triggers, the bahavioural patterns we follow and manage to let go of expectations. Coaching for Diversity is a highly personalised emotional process of self discovery and acceptance. 



Professional and Executive Intercultural  Coaching 

Professional Coaching sessions are aimed at individual professionals who have a personal interest  in boosting, transforming their careers or overcoming their professional  stretching points. Most of my Professional Coaching clients are either going through a professional transition period, freelancers or entrepreneurs who would like to boost their businesses transnationally or in multicultural environments.

The local culture has a great impact on how you are perceived. Understanding the culture in depth gives coachees a competitive advantage in their career paths.

Executive Coaching is recommended  for middle or top executives seeking to improve their performance and relationships as team leaders through designing and implementing strategies, improving cohesion within intercultural teams and or leading through change. Most of my Executive Coaching clients are part of a greater company coaching process. 


Counseling & Coaching for Bicultural/Multicultural Couples, Marriages & Families

Bicultural/ Multicultural marriages, partnerships and families tend to face different challenges to the ones monocultural families face. These challenges become more evident when facing life changing decisions (moving countries, seeking medical expertise, extended family gatherings during important holidays, education of children, investments,etc) and in the day to day choices.

Counseling sessions helps couples and family members understand each other’s core values and cultural triggers helps couples work from a common ground.

Cross cultural differences may become more evident  in families when moving houses, moving countries or when life changing decisions must be made. Coaching sessions help navigate cultural differences and work from a place of understanding in order to create  a unique family culture where every member can be heard, understood and feel free to be  himself/herself. 

As a coach, I have worked with couples from over 20 nationalities. 



Tools for Executive Coaching processes


The Leadership Circle

Leadership Circle Profile a Feedback 360 which measures the leadership potential achieved by the candidate and also the specific areas to work on in order to align with the company’s Culture. Georgina Barquin has 96% of leadership achieved according to this model and that is why she has the necessary tools to help her clients.




Facet 5

Facet 5 Profiles

Facet 5 is one of the most advanced personality trait profiling tools developed specifically for professional purposes. It provides useful information for decision making at different points of a person´s professional journey . It portrays information about a person’s strengths, weaknesses and explains how this person can be better managed to reach his/her full potential.  ( Sessions in English or Spanish).


The Barret Model


The Barret Model

This model identifies the 7 areas of a person’s motivational levels and serves as a guideline of the areas that need to be worked on. The model compares personal values to current company values and desired values. Aligning all three is key in becoming a high performer. The Barret model can be used individually with key executives or as part of a culture change process for all the company.