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Georgina Barquin
Specialized in LEADESRHIP MINDSET and CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE. Tailored, individual and group programs for SENIOR EXECUTIVES and for PRE LEADERS.


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Leadership & Mindset Bootcamps

Elevate Your Leadership Potential with Our Premier Training Courses

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, leadership isn’t just a title—it’s a dynamic skillset that can drive success and innovation. We understand the pivotal role effective leadership plays in shaping organizations. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our comprehensive suite of Leadership and Mindset training courses designed to empower your top management and emerging leaders to excel in today’s competitive environment.

Why Choose Our Leadership and Mindset Training?

We offer individual or group training programs that combine coaching, mentoring and training for Top Executives and Pre Leaders. All of our programs have a “learn by doing” using practical tools.

  • Unleash Transformative Leadership: Our tailored programs go beyond the traditional approach to leadership development. We believe that great leaders are nurtured through a combination of strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and a growth mindset. With our training programs, your leaders will learn how to adapt to change, inspire their teams, nurture a growth mindset and drive innovation across the board.
  • Navigate Change with Confidence: Change is constant, but the ability to lead through change sets exceptional leaders apart. Our courses empower participants to anticipate industry shifts, analyze emerging trends, and proactively shape their organization’s future. Armed with this foresight, your leaders will be well-equipped to steer their teams toward success, even in uncertain times.
  • Cultivate Disruptive Thinking: Innovation thrives when leaders dare to think disruptively. Our programs encourage participants to challenge norms, question assumptions, and explore uncharted territories. By fostering a culture of creative problem-solving, your organization will stand at the forefront of innovation, ready to seize untapped opportunities.
  • Equip Emerging Leaders for Excellence: Our commitment extends to the next generation of leaders. Our preleader-focused training equips young talent with practical tools, from effective communication techniques to project management strategies. Your pre leaders will develop the skills they need to thrive in their roles and drive your company’s continued growth.
  •  Foster a Growth Mindset Across Your Organization: A growth mindset isn’t just a leadership trait; it’s a cultural cornerstone that breeds resilience and adaptability. Our mindset programs instill the belief that challenges are opportunities, failures are stepping stones, and learning never stops. With this mindset, your entire organization will evolve into a powerhouse of innovation and success.

With a proven track record of transforming leaders and organizations, Georgina Barquin is your partner in cultivating exceptional leadership and a forward-thinking mindset. Our training programs are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique challenges faced by today’s businesses.

 Elevate your organization’s potential today with our  Leadership and Mindset training.

Enquire now to embark on a journey of leadership excellence.


Intercultural Management & Cultural Intelligence at work

Culturally Intelligent  organizations work from a “pro-human” perspective and are solution focused, leave tags to the side, are flexible in their positionalities and communicate with each member of the community at an individual level focusing on the aggregate qualities team members bring to the table. Every interaction and negotiation is managed consciously and with a clear intention and purpose -to have an organic culture that embraces every individual as a WHOLE.  Inclusiveness is a natural consequence of cultural intelligence.

In order to become Culturally intelligent, one must overcome a mind frame of tags and  duality where there is a good vs bad,  young vs old, external client vs internal client, male vs female, boss vs employee perception of human beings.  Understanding our belief systems and perceptions are  subjective and learning to manage them  is  key in developing and thriving in a Culture of diversity and multiculturalism.

    There are three stages in developing  Culturally Intelligent Organizations 


  • Becoming aware of our own cultural patterns, those of the organizations we work in and those of our interlocutors. 
  • Recognizing how we position ourselves, detecting subtle biases that condition our behaviour and the impact we have in every interaction.
  • Understanding perception is subjective, learning how to question our perception and focusing on self development.

Training programs are the starting point to create Awareness in big groups within an organization. 


Putting into practice strategies that will improve Collaborative and intercultural leadership. At this stage our natural reactions are still triggered under stress but we now can choose to approach situations differently. At this stage, it is clear that we have the tools and are able to approach situations differently achieving better results. However, strategizing at this stage may still feel mechanical. Reviewing, discussing and practicing real life cases and role plays help us integrate new behavioural patterns.

Training & Coaching speed up the Implementation stage.


Integrating and flowing because Diversity has become second nature to us. We no longer perceive situations in dualistic terms – good/bad, young/old, man/woman, black/white but have a solution focused approach.

Integration & Flow through Coaching. 

Many companies are aware of the importance of promoting a strong culture but struggle with the gap they find between their current culture and their desired culture – incongruencies between what is said and how things really happen. In times of uncertainty, rapid change or stress, people tend to revert to  old habits if the new ones are not really and personally integrated within.

This gap generates confusion and background noise. Cultural transformations occur when every single member of the team  identifies him/herself with the values and philosophy of the company and feels it natural to change his/her behaviour as to be part of something they truly believe in.

“Transformation occurs when the heart and mind are in line. It´s about connecting with the human side of the business”.

 Interpreting behaviours and interactions steming from cultural traits is a skill that can be learned and integrated in your day to day!

Leaders who are Culturally Intelligent  and thrive in intercultural environments have an integrated mindset of Inclusiveness and a humanistic approach to business. They are usually  good observers and good listeners who can interpret cultural differences and adapt their style to their audience. They are good at understanding the degree of protocols needed, timing, dynamics in relationships and adapt their communication style to the situation at hand. Mind and emotions are at a balance.

Cultural Intelligence improves team

·        commitment

·        adaptabilility in times of uncertainty

·        creativity to solve challenging situations

·        growth at a global scale

·        trust, reliability & accountability

.     energy and willingness to be part   


Training, Coaching & Counseling Programs are adequate for companies and leaders that

·        seek to have an international presence

·        aim at becoming global

·        manage multicultural teams

·        have expat programs or are undergoing expat processes

·        negotiate & communicate interculturally

·        are undergoing a cultural change (mergers & acquisition)



Some tools we use to help your organization

Every process of becoming Culturally Intelligent is unique.  Georgina Barquin works hand in hand with every one of her clients and observes key players & group dynamics,  conducts key interviews and uses  tools such as the Country Navigator, The Hawkins Model of Consciousness, The Barret Model or The Leadership Circle . Based on more than 17,000 hours of experience, she provides key pointers in order to help you in the transformation of your organization.

Intercultural Management, Diversity Management and personal development go hand in hand.

  • Country Navigator will give you an insight on individual cultural profiles. Not everyone within the same culture will obtain the same profile. It is interesting to see where people within the organization may clash, what strengths they have and how to better combine their skills and approaches to reap the benefits of diversity within a team. Country Navigator is also useful for expats to understand local dynamics in comparison to their natural preferences.
  • The Hawkins map of consciousness is used to help people visualise where they stand, what emotions are stopping them from developing their full potential and encouraging them to grow and develop further as key players in the development of the organization.
  • The Barret Model provides a clear view of the level of alignment between individual values, current company values and the desired values. This tool provides a clear road map for a well founded Culture Change Management process.
  • Leadership Circle Profile is a 360 Feedback tool that provides insights into key strengths and limiting behaviours and attitudes. Working from one’s strengths and shedding light on limiting behaviours triggers a person’s awareness and motivation to change.
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