Georgina Barquin
Specialized in Cultural Change Management and Managing Across Borders for companies in the USA, Europe and LATAM - Bilingual in English & Spanish.


Managing cultural change in complex organizations for a global strategy. Managing teams across borders.


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Tweaking your cultural model will lead your company to

One of the barriers that companies face in overcoming their «stretching point» is their organizational culture and the impact this has on team dynamics and relationships across borders and with clients.

Studies show that, for an organization to achieve sustainable growth, adequate productivity and agile, aligned, ambitious, flexible and adaptable teams, leadership in the company must maintain a balance of 65% task orientation and 35% relationship orientation.

Often, the organizational culture influences whether this balance is maintained or broken. In order to achieve this balance and encourage positive organic development, it is necessary to align internal processes and procedures with the necessary behaviours and dynamics without forgetting the local context.

To achieve the 65/35 balance, it is necessary to work  at three levels:

  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Behavior

Georgina Barquin  profiles  company cultures by observing, conducting key interviews and by using tools such as the Country Navigator orThe Leadership Circle . Based on more than 17,000 hours of experience,  she provides key pointers in order to manage your teams across borders in a more effective manner.

Influencing across borders for a

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